Our highly trained team of experts are here to help you on your fitness journey. Below are workouts they recommend to suit all levels, and eating plans to help reach your goals. 


Jono Infinity Margate manager

Daisy  General Manager 

Hi, my name is Daisy. I am the General Manager here at Infinity Fitness Margate. 
My duties here are to make sure we Provide you with a safe, clean and well presented Fitness centre, making sure myself and my staff deliver the utmost levels of service. making sure we as a team and gym provide you with all of your fitness needs. 
From Gym equipment, class timetables and the best fitness advice to suit your personal needs, we are here to help and deliver. 
I have worked in Health and fitness for over 10 years now and have managed top facilities and I am super excited for my future with Infinity Fitness uk margate, and what we can achieve as a facility and community. 


Daisy's Go to workout:  

I tend to warm-up with Dynamic band stretches, These are 1-5 second stretches. They are warm-up movements, where you do a short stretch to help increase your range of motion and warm up your joints. You don't want to stretch your muscles with long stretches (10+ seconds) before a workout, as that will negatively affect your performance and has the potential to injure yourself. 
HIIT Interval Workout- Lets get the blood pumping and the lungs burning 
Row 500m in under 2 minutes 
Rest 30 seconds 
Row 500m in under 2 minutes 
Rest 15 seconds 
Row 500m in under 1:45 minutes 
Weighted compound movements- now we are warm and stretched. 
Squats - 3x sets of 8/10 reps - i personally mix this up with kettlebells and in the squat rack. 
Lunges - 3x sets of 8/10 reps per leg - i personally mix this up with kettlebells or using sand bags. 
Plyo box jumps - 3x sets of 10/15 jumps - this all depends on what my legs have left. 
Pull ups - as many as possible - mix your grip 
Seated/bent over rows - 3x sets of 8/10 reps - i personally mix this up with kettlebells and dumbbells for bent over rows. 
Chest press - 3x sets of 8/10 reps - I personally mix this up with a bench and the floor with kettlebells and a bar. 
Peck Fly - 3x sets of 8/10 reps - I personally mix this up with kettlebells or dumbbells or use a cable machine . 
bicep curls - 3x sets of 8/10 reps - I personally use dumbbells for this 
Banded Push ups - 3x sets of 10/20 reps - I prefer to use band resistance rather than adding unstable weight. 
Tricep dips - as many as possible. 
Tricep Band Press up - 3x sets of 10/20 reps - I prefer to use band resistance rather than adding unstable weight. 
Final Burn out- give everything you have- I personally alternate all of these exercises to kill my self off in a mini circuit, choose 4 exercises and work for 60 seconds and swap exercises. Repeat 4 times, no rest. Another option is i pick 5 and do 100 reps of each and then die a horrible sweaty fatigued death on the floor. put on a weight vest if you are brave. 
Battle ropes 
Tire flip 
Chest to floor 
Explosive press ups 
Squat jumps 
Jumping lunge 
Slam ball 

Daisy's Eating Plan  

2x eggs on wholemeal bread 
BCAA- drink 
Rice or potato, 1 large chicken breast (minimum od 20g protein) steamed vegetables 
Protein shake 
Pasta or potato, 1 chicken breast (minimum od 20g protein) steamed vegetables 
3 litres of water minimum, no fizzy drinks, no energy drinks, no alcohol 
Dinner + BCAA drink 
I don't tend to track my dinner, normally it's within my Macro values for the day, i believe in a happy relationship with food and not a restrictive diet. You can eat many foods as long as you work hard and know what you eat. 
I have not added values to any of my foods or drinks as it's all worked out for my body, yours would be different! and it changes per activity. 
Lennon Infinity Margate

Lennon Gym Instructor 

Hi, I'm Lennon Mendez, and I'm a gym instructor here at Infinity Fitness UK. I have only joined the team recently. 
Please speak to me if you have any questions or need any help whilst at the gym. 


Lennon's Workout  

8-12 dynamic movements/stretches 
5 min warm up rowing machine 
5 min pad work on punching bag 
full body work out 
3 x barbell squat 8-12 reps 
3 x Bulgarian splits each leg 8-12 reps 
3 x stiff dumb bell deadlift 8-12 reps 
super set 
3 x barbell bent over row into good mornings 8-12 reps 
3 x bench press into stability ball pec fly 8-12 reps 
3 x cable biceps curl 
3 x cable over head triceps extension 
3 x swiss ball crunch 8-12 reps 
3 x leg raises 8-12 reps 
3 x ball weight Russian twist 8-12 reps 
plank hold one minute 
static stretches 15 secs hold each stretch 
15 seconds rest between each set 

Lennon's Eating Plan  

shredded wheat with semi skimmed milk and a glass off pure orange juice 
one jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn and red onion 
5 crackers with low fat cheese and 5 almonds 
2 litres of water minimum 
3 egg omelette with with mushroom tomato red onion sliced ham with low fat 
cheese on top with a little side salad 
Lozz Infinity Margate

Loz Fitness Advisor 

Hi, I'm Loz, and I'm Assistant Managerr here at Infinity Fitness UK. 
Please speak to me if you have any questions or need any help whilst at the gym. 


Loz's Workout  

Power Building Lower 
Low bar back squat 5x5 
Conventional deadlift 5x7 
Split squat 4x10 (per leg) 
Leg extensions 4x12 
Goblet squats 4 sets till failure 
Power Building Upper 
Over head press 5x5 
Incline dumbbell press 5x7 
Weighted pull up 4x10 
Weighted dip 4x12 
Bent row superset bicep curl 4x20 
Functional day 
Ski erg 30s on 30s off (warm up) 10 min 
Turkish get up 
Sled push superset rope pull 
Turkish get up 
Farmers walk 
This style of training not only helps build muscle and strength but also 
helps to stay lean and ready for any physical challenges that come my way. 

Loz's Eating Plan  

Oats with cinnamon and peanut butter 
4 eggs scrambled on tiger bread 
Rice, grilled chicken with seasoning with steamed veg or  
tenderstem broccoli 
Quorn sausages, mash sweet potatoes, 2 fried eggs and half a can of Heinz 
reduced salt beans 
Protein shake x 1 (2 on training days) 
Grenade protein bar 
Muesli / low fat cereal 
Plus it’s 24 hours!!! What’s not to love!! 
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